Founding IDS Law, my vision is to support my clients in the achievement of their business goals and minimize their legal risks by providing them highly professional, proactive and business oriented legal services.

The services rendered by IDS Law consider each client’s special needs and industry and are provided with a clear focus on business and practical considerations.

My expertise and knowledge is gained from over 15 years of broad-based domestic and international legal and transactional experience related to private and public global High-Tech companies as well as being a member of the top management of a global public Hi-Tech company over the last decade.

IDS Law provides legal support to companies and businesses in all stages, as well as to individuals (investors, founders and more), in a wide range of areas.

ענבל דהן שרון, עוד חברות, עוד דיני חברות, עוד מסחרי

Main Areas of Practice


Combining legal, commercial and practical expertise and in particular extensive due diligence and export compliance expertise, IDS Law offers to its clients unique Consulting Services Packages the purpose of which is to focus on certain aspect/s of the company’s activity, evaluate the company’s compliance with the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations and assist the company to adopt appropriate documents and implement adequate procedures to ensure compliance with applicable laws as well as appropriate and efficient way of conduct in order to minimize its legal risks.

Consulting Services Packages are provided with respect to various areas, such as export control compliance, labor law, purchasing and sale processes and more. Each Consulting Services Package is tailored to the client’s needs but usually includes the following:

▣ Performance of an in-house due diligence with the client in the relevant area in order to identify any gaps between the client’s way of conduct and the requirements of the applicable laws and regulations. 

▣ Overview of the requirements under applicable laws, the client’s status and any existing gaps or ways to improve the client’s way of conduct;

▣ Drafting, adopting and implementing appropriate standard documents, policies and procedures in order to close any gaps identified in the due diligence process, minimize the client’s legal risks and implement a more appropriate and efficient way of conduct;

▣ Training to management and staff.

I will be happy to discuss with you your business activity and provide more information regarding services relevant to your business activity


ענבל דהן שרון, עוד חברות, עוד דיני חברות, עוד מסחרי


Inbal’s expertise and knowledge is gained from over 15 years of broad-based domestic and international legal and transactional experience related to private and public global High-Tech companies as well as being a member of the top management of a global public Hi-Tech company over the last decade

Prior to founding IDS Law, Inbal established and leaded the legal department of Ophir Optronics Ltd., a global leader in the development, manufacturing and sale of advanced electro-optics components and products and served as the Company’s General Counsel, Corporate Secretary, Export Compliance Officer and a member of the Company’s top management. 

In this capacity, Inbal has gained significant knowledge and expertise related to a wide range of multinational and domestic commercial transactions, corporate law and governance issues, investments and M&As, reorganization & restructuring of corporations, Israeli and US export compliance, labor law and more and was a member of the team that leaded the successful sale of Ophir to Newport in 2011.

Following the acquisition of Ophir by Newport, a group of companies headquartered in California, employing approx. 2500 employees worldwide with a turnover of more than half billion US$ ( acquired by MKS Instruments Inc in 2016), Inbal has also served as Newport’s Associate General Counsel Europe & Middle East, gaining additional global and managerial experience.

Prior to joining Ophir, Inbal was an associate at a boutique law firm (Sharir, Shiv & Co.) that specializes in corporate law, commercial and securities law and in particular in representing public and private high-tech companies, venture capitals, enterprisers and investors. In this capacity, Inbal has gained a significant knowledge and expertise related to representing companies, investors and venture capitals in various kinds of investment transactions, numerous due diligence processes and representing high-tech companies in various corporate issues and commercial transactions

Graduated from Tel-Aviv University with a LL.B. (Law) (cum laude) in 1999

Admitted to the Israeli Bar Association in 2000

Graduated a MBA, Corporate Governance and Capital Market from the College of Management, (Magna Cum-Laude) in 2014




Commercial Law and Commercial Transactions

 IDS Law advises companies and individuals on a broad range of commercial transactions Our services in this area combine extensive legal, commercial and practical experience that enable us to find the appropriate transaction structure and to suggest appropriate and creative solutions to cover all material interests of our clients

Commercial transactions handled by Law include:

▣ Purchasing Agreements

▣ Supply Agreements

▣ Consulting Agreements

▣ Licensing Agreements

▣ Joint Venture and Collaboration Agreements

▣ Distribution / Representative /Reseller Agreements

▣ OEM / Manufacturing Agreements

▣ Lease Agreements


Corporate Law & Governance

IDS Law advises it’s clients – corporates in all stages and individuals (shareholders, directors, founders, etc.) – on all aspects of Israeli corporate law and corporate governance. IDS Law’s services combine knowledge and education regarding applicable laws and regulation as well as experience as an in-house corporate secretary of public and private companies.

IDS Law’s corporate practice includes advice related to the following issues

▣  Establishment of corporates in Israel

▣  Founders’ and shareholders’ agreements

▣  Advice to directors & officers regarding   their duties and liabilities

▣  Procedures & approvals of related/interested-party transactions

▣  Ongoing corporate maintenance and housekeeping, including, reports to the Israeli Registrar of Companies and other regulatory bodies, drafting and maintaining of appropriate board and shareholders’ resolutions and more

▣  Equity Incentive Plans (such as option plans)

▣  Financing and Investment Agreements

▣  Due Diligence processes

▣  Restructuring & Reorganization

▣  Policies and procedures related to corporate governance


Hi-Tech companies have special needs, arrangements and aspects and accordingly, providing legal advice to such companies requires special knowledge and expertise. IDS Law provide to its clients in this sector advice on all commercial and corporate issues, investment and financing transactions and technology relating transactions including the following issues:


▣ Shareholders/Founders Agreements & Articles of Association

▣ Investment Rounds 

▣ Office of Chief Scientist (including transfer of know-how and/or manufacturing rights outside of Israel)

▣ Equity Incentive Plans and Section 102 to the Income Tax Ordinance

Export Compliance

ענבל דהן שרון, עוד חברות, עוד דיני חברות, עוד מסחרי

In accordance with international treaties and arrangements (such as the Wassenaar Arrangement), the Israeli legislation imposes restrictions and licensing requirements regarding the export of certain products, services and know-how outside of Israel, mainly under the following legislations: The Defense Export Control Law, 5766-2007 and The Import Export Directive Supervision over the export of Dual Use Goods, Services and Technology, 5766 2006.

Breach of such legislations may be deemed a criminal offense and may impose substantial fines and business restrictions on companies such as cancellation of existing licenses.

It is therefore crucial for companies and individuals, in particular technology based companies, to be aware of the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations, to classify their products and services properly and to adopt appropriate policies, procedures, training and compliance plans in order to ensure their compliance with such legislation and avoid sever subsequences

IDS Law’s services in this area combines legal expertise as well as practical experience as an Export Compliance Officer

In addition to on-going support to companies or individuals or an advice regarding a particular issue, IDS Law offers in this area a special Consulting Services Package

Labor Law

IDS Law provides to corporate clients on-going support in all aspects of day-to-day employment related legal issues, such as employment agreements, statutory social benefits, pension and retirement as well as employment termination and more

IDS Law also assists its clients to draft and implement appropriate policies and procedures related to employment matters

In addition to on-going support and advice IDS Law offers in this area a special Consulting Services Package

Mergers & Acquisitions

IDS Law provides services to companies and individuals with respect to public and private company mergers, acquisitions, reorganization, joint ventures and change of control transactions

IDS Law advises its clients on the due diligence process, structuring, negotiation and documentation of the transactions, compliance with applicable regulatory and other legal requirements and related corporate governance issues





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